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Welcome to the official Pals Breast Forms store!
For your
Breast Forms and Breast Form Accessories needs since 1995!
Watch us grow!

Pals are the most cost effective, non surgical breast augmentation.
Pals Breast Forms will increase your bust size INSTANTLY!

Pals are NOT a "Silicone Breast" store! NO! Pals are the best and only non-silicone,
non-toxic breast forms on the market.
Plus we sell Pals by the pair, so say goodbye high prices
and to other stores that force you to have to buy two separate expensive forms.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.
Super Gel works to provide the worlds most unique, state of the 
art, prosthetic breastforms.

The Pals Breast Forms 5 YEAR Guarantee,
is Longer than ANY Other
 Breast Form in the WORLD!

Pals are the revolutionizing innovation impacting the World in Big Ways.
Whether your Main Concern is Durability, Realism, or EVEN Swift Customization “for those Local, or Out of Reach”,
PALS are Changing the Game!


Pals Breast Forms Last Longer Than,

  • Amoena Breast Forms,

  • American Breast Care Breast Forms,

  • Trulife Breast Forms,

  • Nearly Me Breast Forms,

  • Transform Breast Forms,

  • Every Other Breast Form We Have Ever Come Across


First, Pals offer Complete Personalization from abroad!
Just Imagine, If Every Customer that makes a purchase, has the option to trim their breast form to shape
and send it back to have a NEW Personalized form contoured with optimal comfort for their unique bust signature!
For an extremely affordable $15 for each exchange necessary, and shipping fees incurred.
We can Guarantee That Everyone in the World has a PERFECTLY Customized Breast Form!
Pals will be perfectly suited to their Unique Shape, When often comfort cannot be met with Cookie Cutter alternatives!
This is all without them even having to leave the house!


Second, The Realism is what Shocks and creates Fans.

The Realistic Feel is Unmatched by ANY other Brand! Pals achieve freedom in the wearers mind
because Pals Breast Forms meet every demand that would take the your mind off of the beauty of life and on to your breast prosthesis.
Our Proprietary blend of Medical Grade polymers mimic the Exact texture of breast tissue.
Along with the Look, and Feel of Real Breast Tissue.
Pals are also makeup absorbent which allows anyone to Perfectly match their skin-tone!


Third, The Durability of Pals is UNMATCHED!

We’ve heard it all from customers who’ve tried silicone forms, as well as seen the reality of those subjected to experience helplessness when insured.
We have SEEN shocking desperation befall customers experiencing a 6 month old silicone breast forms
being held together with duct tape, because the next time it’s covered is in 18 Months!
This is why our fans are loyal and reasons such as this drive our Fans passion for the product.
There has also been a few people who have made complaints about the irritating, itchy bag holding in the silicone goo.
The slightest touch from a pet claw, stepping on them, even wearing them alone causes seam damage
and over a short time can fully compromise any silicone form!
Only with the durability of PALS can you have the simple luxury of wearing them to bed.
Pals can be driven over by a CAR, without the slightest damage to them at all!

Fourth - Pals are exchangeable!

 We at Supergel want you to be satisfied with your purchase, therefore we offer an unheard of 30 day exchange program.
Exchange for any other size, shape or color for only the cost of shipping back and forth.
If for any reason you find that Pals don't work for you, you may exchange for any other item in our store.
The exchange item must be in it's original unopened individual bags for sanitary reasons.

Pals Are Competitively Priced!! 

Pals are second to none in terms of VALUE.
Our Fans are so grateful, because brands such as Amoena are currently sold for upwards of $500.
As previously mentioned, insurance companies only cover the cost once every two years.
So when their clients prosthetic breast starts falling apart after 6 months, Pals are a savior for less than most deductibles.
With Pals Feeling like a woman isn’t only for those who qualify for insurance.
Pals even outmatch brand new breast forms at a market price of over $750!
Yet in contrast to that inflationary price, if you type breast forms into Google right now,
you might see a pair of Chinese silicone breast forms retailing for next to nothing!
That is market saturation, which may explain any instability one has experienced trying to uphold value 
in today’s unreliable silicone breast form market.
The Innovative material comprising the PALS brand is what is ushering in the future of a streamlined process
to accommodate precision customization Efficiently, Affordably, and Conveniently,
whether Online or Brick and Mortar.


THE FULL PALS SELECTION OFFERS OVER 17 sizes in Several Styles, and 5 tones, with PALS applications Growing DAILY!
Pals are One BIG Family in way of Constant Development. Even Distributors can adapt what is currently offered!
You can Instantly have your creative spin with Pals, such as:
Pals are currently scented with Baby Powder, which can be easily removed, and/or replaced with another scent if desired.


Over the course of our inspired journey,
we have had many wonderful opportunities to hear our Fans consistently express how forever grateful they are.
They tell everyone they know that Pals are such a perfectly suited innovation, that changed their lives
and wildly surpassed every imaginable expectation!
Our integrity to our Fans, and spreading the joy of the Pals experience, is of our highest priorities.
We have listened closely to our loyal following, and we are sure glad we did, because we now have what could be
the Greatest adhesive to Ever accompany Pals applications!

Pals Breast Forms Last Longer Than,

  • Amoena Breast Forms,

  • ABC Breast Forms,

  • Trulife Breast Forms,

  • Nearly Me Breast Forms,

  • Transform Breast Forms,

  • Every Other Breast Form We Have Ever Come Across

Customers often bring to light the numerous complications they've experienced with our competition.
Drawbacks include, but are definitely not limited to:

-Damaged by Salt Water

-Extremely Delicate

-Not Customizable

-Wrinkly Bag

-Less Realistic Look & Feel

-Lack of Manufacturer Customer Service

-Almost Every Other Brand Is Made in China

-Prices over $500

-Only 6 month life span!

-Cant Sleep In Them

-Seam Degrades

-Constant complaints of SEVERE itching from silicone bag!

-Very Strict and Dodgy Warranty if Any at All

Other than just non surgical breast augmentation, with the worlds most unique bra inserts.
Pals Breast Forms can even help with asymmetry by creating two compensating breastform thicknesses. 
Pals are a superior alternative to surgical breast augmentation, and are light years ahead of foam bra inserts, liquid breast pads.
Pals outmatch all silicone breastforms in almost every way imaginable.

All Pals customers are what make up the loyal Pals family and all are rewarded on future purchases! 
After your first pair purchased, we automatically apply a 10% discount to your 
Plus now all Pals orders come with a bottle of baby powder to get you started!
Order over $100 and get a free pouch! Pals are perfect for breast cancer survivors, as our breastforms fit any bra!

Pals Breast Forms are the ultimate crossdressing form.
The extreme realism is what makes Pals the preferred form to cross dress in,
and they are sweeping the transgender community.

A special thanks to our fans for sharing their Pals Breast Forms experiences,

and continuing to help make Pals the focal point in the fight to help spread breast cancer awareness.

Are you interested in making some extra money working from home?
Become a Pals Distributor!

 Contact us at for more info!

Today's Specials

Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Teardrops With Nipples DD Cup TD4
Price: $99.95
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Teardrops With Nipples DD Cup TD4
Pals DD Teardrops. Most versatile style. Works with most bra styles.
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRL1
Price: $89.95
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRL1
First level of our Wider Triangle Series Fits 36-46 Band Sizes
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRS1
Price: $49.95
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRS1
Great For Bathing Suits!
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRS4
Price: $79.95
Breast Forms Pals Breastforms Triangles With Nipples TRS4
Widest Range Triangles Band Sizes 32-42 can wear these forms!
Distributor Display
Price: $50.00
Distributor Display
Sample of Pals breast form styles in a clear acrylic case for desktop display for brick and mortar distributors.
Long Blonde Wig
Price: $40.00
Long Blonde Wig
Beautiful Long Blonde wig. Lots of sexy curls.