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2/29/16 Press Kit:

+Durability Video: Pals Breast Forms vs Truck

+ Petition: Stop Breast Cancer Survivor Price Gouging

+ 2013 Press Release: Will Breast Cancer Survivors Ever Stop Being Price Gouged?

+ 2/29/16 Press Release:

Should Breast Cancer Survivors Ever Hear They’re Being Price Gouged?

Riverside, Ca. 2/29/16- Dean Davis, the Co-Owner of Supergel int’l Inc. is revealing a shocking victim of price gouging, breast cancer survivors. The company Supergel Int’l Inc. is behind a disruptive brand of post mastectomy prostheses. Pals are made of 100% life-like Gel, as opposed to silicone in a breast shaped bag. Dean is personally reaching out to mastectomy boutique owners to show Pals breast forms which start at $37 retail, instead of the $200-$600 for silicone brands that survivors are likely to find at their local boutique. Dean tells mastectomy boutique owners that Pals last 10 years which is 5-20 times longer than the 6 months to 2 years of alternatives, and can be trimmed to fit then mailed back to receive a brand new breast form personally customized to their unique bust signature for just $15 dollars. While Dean says some owners are deeply excited to give peace of mind to survivors in need, he says it’s all to often he finds the boutique owners refuse to offer Pals because they “don’t cost enough”, and “last too long”.

 Deans continues his attempts to draw attention to the suppressed option, while breast cancer survivors remain susceptible to the price gouging of profit oriented mastectomy boutiques. His methods over the past few years have ranged from calling and sending thousands of emails to the various news outlets, and reaching out to top breast cancer charities, all the way to reaching out to women’s magazines and celebrities to help shed light on survivors being misled and paying 10,000% too much.

 Dean has one message for the world of breast cancer, “Breast cancer survivors deserve the savings that advancements of technology provide. Money saved can be put to better uses, like treatments, their families, or on a well deserved vacation. Charities, and foundations could help 100 times more survivors, or dedicate the extra funds to research and resolve to crack the breast cancer code once and for all.”

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Supergel int’l inc. is a 100% Made in USA Gel supplier, owned and operated in Riverside, Ca. Supergel Int’l Inc. has been serving individuals, and companies large and small for over two decades.


Name: Dean Davis

Phone: (951) 743-5507


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