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~Breast Cancer Survivor Petition~

 Breast Cancer Survivors pay upwards of $1,200 every year just for the delicate silicone mastectomy form brands covered by insurance. Pals Breast Forms are not goo in a silicone bag that can pop when closed in a drawer, Pals post-mastectomy forms are actually Gel, No Bag, and can even be driven over by a truck. Pals mastectomy forms cost around $35 per form and Pals last over 10 years!

When approaching major prosthetic mastectomy form retailers, they refused to sell Pals breastforms and said, “Pals are too inexpensive”. They were concerned Pals mastectomy forms would outsell every one of their other breast forms, which included Amoena, Nearly Me, Transform, and various others and did not want to risk jeopardizing their %600 profit margin by introducing a fairly priced brand such as Pals post-mastectomy forms

Unless each one of us speaks up for survivors, Pals Breast Forms will remain suppressed. Debbie J Davis, Owner of Super Gel, Manufacturers of Pals Breast Forms, compassionately refuses to price gouge breast cancer survivors. Survivors need to be made aware of the prosthetic breast form option that will cost less than their deductible and costs less than a half of a percent of comparable alternatives.
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