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Pals Breast Forms Push-Ups w/Nipples (Large)

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Price: $37.45
Manufacturer: Supergel International, Inc
Manufacturer Part No: PN-04

Product Options

Natural Push-Ups with Nipple Style: This style is similar in size to the Push-Ups and includes realistic nipple and areola. The coloring is result of much research and testing and we are proud to offer this style. You get the benefit of the great quality, as well as the most realistic color and look on the market. A trademark of Super Gel Products quality. These Pals can be worn under even the most delicate fabrics and no one will know they are not your natural breasts. Try them for yourself ! You'll love them !

Now available in two colors: Nude and Natural. Coming soon Opaque, Tan and Dark Natural

Size / Dimension / Color Info

Pals Raindrops with Nipples D Cup: You asked for them and they're finally here. All the same great qualities that Pals are known for with one added benefit. They're Larger. Increases your bust to a D cup instantly ! Raindrops are formed from an actual model which gives them the most realistic shaping of all the Pals products. Customers just love how they fit and feel. Testimonials that they are even comfortable enough to sleep in.

    • Lightweight 
      You can comfortably wear them all day in sheer comfort.


    • Realistic 
      Look, feel and bounce so naturally, they are virtually undetectable.


    • Versatile
      Our clever design allows wearer to create two different effects with one style.
      Create either a fuller, increased bust size or a push-up effect for deeper cleavage.


    • Every Size
      Push-Ups, Push-up Med, and Push-Ups w/Nipples both fit AA-B cups and increase 1 cup size.
      Raindrops, can be worn by AA-C Cups. Come in 3 different sizes. Level 1: RD1, Level 2: RD2 and Level 3: RD3 for 3 different cup sizes.
      Teardrops come in 4 different sizes. Level 1: TD1 and Level 2: TD2, these are for medium to small frames. Level 3: TD3 and Level 4: TD4 which are made especially for larger framed people.
      Triangles come in 9 sizes. Level 1: TRS1, Level 2: TRS2, Level 3: TRS3, Level 4: TRS4, Level 5 TRS5 (for medium to small frames). Level 6: TRL1, Level 7: TRL2, Level 8: TRL3, and Level 9: TRL4 (for Large to X-Large frames).


    • Full Pliable Cups
      Most silicone enhancers are about 1/2 to 1 inch thick no matter what size you buy. The variable is rather in the overall size width etc. Pals have a somewhat flat back, there is a slight dish out in the back to allow a smooth transition from enhancer to skin. Teardrops are about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches thick. The Raindrops are 3 to 3 1/2 inches thick and Triangle range from 1 1/2 inches thick to 5 inches thick.


    • Natural Shape
      Our Raindrops are truly the most realistic enhancers you’ll ever find on the market and are made from a live D Cup model. Natural shape is really important when larger sizes are desired because as you may well imagine, this size gets a lot of attention!


    • Confidence
      PALS stay put! Our PATENTED formula has a natural gripping surface that resists slipping. Dance, Run, play Tennis. PALS are a faithful companion to an active lifestyle.


    • Safety
      PALS are made with a revolutionary blend of Polymers and Medical Grade Mineral Oil. All FDA approved safe and non-toxic! Wear them directly against the skin with no danger of chemical irritation. The mineral oil helps to keep your skin soft and subtle.


    • Durable
      With proper care, one pair will last for years and years. Silicone bags can be punctured rendering pads useless due to damage. PALS are soft, fleshy, non-liquid gel that is strong enough to be worn daily without damage.


    • Tint Them
      If you skin tone doesn’t match exactly and you want to wear clothing where a match is important. Don’t worry! You can use facial foundation or body make-up to tint Pals to you own skin tone! Customers rave that the foundation absorbs into the enhancers and does smear onto clothing. We have not personally tried this though and care should be used to test this on an inconspicuous area to ensure colorfastness.


    • Be Creative!
      Nipples can be pierced with the latest nipple ring fashions for a great modern look.


    • Cut to Fit
      If you find that your Pals are a bit to big or not narrow enough at one edge … Don’t worry! You can trim Pals to fit your special bra shape. Pals have a natural self-healing quality. Go ahead and trim away. Then dust the cut edge with cornstarch.


    • Seamless 
      No uncomfortable seams along the edges that could irritate the skin and eventually become jagged which would only cause discomfort. Silicone breast enhancers are sealed in a plastic bag which feel very unnatural with sharp edges.


    • Washable
      So easy to care for. Takes only a few minutes once or twice a week to keep your PALS looking great. To freshen: Simply hand wash with mild liquid hand soap. Rinse with lukewarm water. Allow to air dry. PALS will return to original quality when dry. Then finally dust with cornstarch. That’s It! Ready to use again! As part of our process, we dust PALS lightly with cornstarch and are very lightly scented with a fresh Vanilla fragrance that won’t clash with your favorite Perfume or cologne. This helps to keep you dry and comfortable and fresh, even on those active, high-stress days!

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