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Breast Form Fitter

SuperGel Products  

me To The Official Pals Breast Forms Store

The World's Most Advanced Breast Forms, Evolving Since 1995.


We are so excited for the TENS OF THOUSANDS of Drag Queens demanding to Instantly UPGRADE their Styles and Attraction.


So many SuperGel departments are SEEING MASSIVE EXPANSION,
thanks to the Obvious and Instant difference discovered with Pals.
The constant growth seen with SuperGel brands is bringing many new insiders into what many feel,
is a special hidden weapon that gives them an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in their social lives and careers.


An INTENSELY Fan Driven Mindset + RDP (rapid development process) are
just 2 key principles 
OBSESSIVELY applied to create magical products…. over, and over...
This framework enables us to focus our questions on what truly matters to you…




  Are others complimenting the NEW YOU?

  Do you feel so comfortable you forget you’re wearing your Pals?

  Do you notice almost ZERO intimidation in social situations?

  Have you been feeling “more alive”, but “like you can be yourself”?

  Is your new level of control making people take interest in you?

  Is it becoming “fun” to grab and tightly hold the attention of lovers

  Have 3 or more people been inspired by your joy in the last month?



Drag Queens are flocking to Pals Breast Forms because they are FINALLY getting noticed on the outside, and seen for who they are on the inside….


High Level Drag Queens know that POWER felt on the inside is what creates everything else on the outside. High Level stars such as Rupaul, Miz Cracker, and cultural luminaries such as James St. James DOMINATE their lives. WHY?..simple

 Pals Breast Forms Drag Queen

(From RuPauls Drag Con

Miz Cracker Wearing Pals “Real Jiggle” Breastplate)


When able to UNLEASH their true confidence, being propelled into High Level places can happen IMMEDIATELY.
New influencers with over 250,000+ followers are finding a BIG reason to show off.

This means no matter how much they’ve come out of their shells, serious progress can be made.

SuperGel is Famous for some of the World’s most successful household names such as,

Slime from Mattel, even a #1 Male toy, the Flesh-light.


We KNOW that High Level Drag Queens want The BEST.

We ask all who are READY to join the many stars already onboard. The EXCITEMENT is contagious.
When fans tell us that Pals Breast Forms are THE SINGULAR THING, that changed everything for them, we spring out of bed in the morning just as they do.



Pals are the Answer to Common Questions

  • “what are the most realistic breast forms for crossdressers”

  • “largest breast forms that would be best for a drag queen”

  • “most realistic attachable breast forms for mtf (male to female)”

  • “are there any huge breast forms which are still lightweight”

  • “best adhesive breast forms, and breast form adhesive”

  • “what brand can you trust has a real breast form warranty”


15 Key Ways Pals INSTANTLY Give You The EDGE!  

  Every Size
  Full Pliable Cups

  Natural Shape
  Cut to Fit

  Warranty Protection
  Tint Them
  Be Creative!


The Common Case

There’s NOTHING worse in this world than to see someone failing to surpass their potential.
All the while NEVER knowing there could be proven methods and tools used the World’s top Drag Queens.


This case is more common than many could ever know. For High Level Drag Queens believing in themselves means investing in themselves.
Seeing that is as easy as looking at the discipline and image they present and portray.


What happens to those who see such an obvious solution only to pass or choose an alternative..

Well there exists a litany of horror stories about silicone breast forms, everything from having an irritating itchy bag,
to users having to duct tape their expensive silicone breast form just to get through a spoiled evening out.


Things like this are extremely common with cheap silicone breast forms, but as described above,
even the best silicone breast forms will NEVER Even Come Close to the extreme value and marked quality of the Pals brand.
Pals are 100% Life-like non-silicone Gel breast forms, which are in a whole different league of look, feel, quality, and realism.


You can tell this is NOT just a breast form store that will casually sell whatever low priced crossdresser breast forms,
or drag queen accessory obtained from china. SuperGel is High Level, and all brands are forever 100% Made in USA.


Pals Breast Forms Outlast Silicone Breast Forms


The Pals Breast Forms 5 YEAR Guarantee,
is Longer than ANY Other
 Breast Form in the WORLD!



SuperGel Gel Made in USA

Do you want to offer a suite of life changing products in your boutique or online store?

Become A Supergel/Pals Distributor Today!

Use the Contact Us form, or Email our Business Development Team at,, or Call (951) 743-5507 for your Supergel/Pals Distributor Packet!

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Pals Ultralight Triangles (Wide) Level 4
Price: $539.99
Pals Ultralight Triangles (Wide) Level 4
Pals ULTRALIGHT Triangle Wide Level 4
Start Your Own Gel Product Today
Start Your Own Gel Product Today
With over 2 decades of Gel experience we are behind countless leading gel products. In some cases, considering the complexity of your idea, you could have a new gel product to break to the market within a matter of days.
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